Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Ruins 3 Now Up for Pre-Order!

Hey everyone!
Hope you are enjoying the summer months (for those in warmer weather). Book 3 of The Ruins series is now up for pre-order! You can get it at the links below:

The book releases September 26th.

There will be two more books in this sequel series to The Last Survivors. I am excited for everyone to see what surprises (and dangers) lie in store for the characters. Here is the blurb:

New Threats Await In The South

Having endured the battle of The Arches, several survivors journey in a new direction, hoping to find salvation. Is there anything left in a dying world, or has all turned to ruins?

If you haven't started The Ruins, Book 1 and Book 2 are available on Amazon. Happy reading!

-Tyler "TW" Piperbrook

Friday, May 26, 2017

THE RUINS 2 now available in Audiobook and Paperback!

The Ruins 2 (BOOK 2 of the Sequel Series to The Last Survivors) is now available on AUDIO, narrated by Sean Runnette! You can get the audiobook at the links below. This book came in longer than the last one, at nearly 10 listening hours.

For those who want a physical copy, The Ruins 2 is also available in PAPERBACK!

In other news, I've started drafting on THE RUINS 3. If all goes well, I should have the book completed by late summer/fall 2017. I will keep everyone posted.  -Tyler

Monday, March 13, 2017

THE RUINS BOOK 2 (sequel to THE LAST SURVIVORS series) is out today!

THE RUINS Book 2 (continuation of the sequel series to The Last Survivors) is available today! You can get it at the links below:

Expect some secrets and surprises in this book, which came in at 70 pages longer than the previous installment! This will wrap up the story arc of The Arches. Book 3 will be coming out sometime this year 2017!

In celebration of the release of the new book, I'm also pricing THE RUINS Book 1 at 99 cents for two days only, for anyone who hasn't yet checked it out!

Enjoy the new book!

-Tyler Piperbrook
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

THE RUINS now available in Audiobook and Paperback!

THE RUINS (Book 1 of the Sequel Series to The Last Survivors) is now available on AUDIO! Sean Runnette did an incredible job carrying the characters into new adventures. You can get the audiobook at the links below. I hope you enjoy it! - Tyler


For those that prefer a physical copy, you can also now get THE RUINS in PAPERBACK. Happy reading and listening!

Monday, January 2, 2017


Happy New Year everyone! It's hard to believe another year passed. And what a busy one it was! Looking back at 2016, it's hard to believe so much happened.

I completed two series in 2016—the OUTAGE series and THE LAST SURVIVORS series (w/Bobby Adair). I am extremely proud of how these turned out, and grateful to all of YOU for checking them out! You guys rock!

I also released THE RUINS (the first book in a new series in The Last Survivors world), and a new book in the CONTAMINATION universe, Contamination 7: Resistance. 

THANKS to everyone who picked up one of my books. It really means a lot! I can't wait to bring you some more stories in 2017. In case you missed any, here is a recap of the releases from last year.

2016 RELEASES (by month):

January - Outage 5: The Change ALSO The Last Command (The Last Survivors Book 4)

February - Outage: Control (A Short Epilogue Story) ALSO OUTAGE 4: THE RECKONING Audiobook, ALSO OUTAGE 5: THE CHANGE Audiobook, ALSO The Last Command Audiobook

March - Writing. No new releases.

April - The Last Refuge (The Last Survivors Book 5) Ebook ALSO The Last Refuge Audiobook

May - Contamination: Dead Instinct Audiobook ALSO Contamination T-Shirts

June - Contamination 7: Resistance

July - Contamination 7: Resistance Audiobook

August - Writing. No new releases.

September - The Last Conquest (Final Book in The Last Survivors Series)

October - The Last Conquest Audiobook

November - Writing. No new releases.

December - The Ruins Book 1


THE RUINS - I plan on finishing up The Ruins series this year, so that will be a major focus. It seems like people are digging the new series! Thanks to everyone who has checked it out! For those looking for Book 2, you can currently preorder it here. If all goes well, Book 1 should be out on AUDIO in January, with the subsequent releases to follow.

SANDSTORM & ALIVE AGAIN - I'm hoping to finally get these books out this year. Both are long overdue. Hopefully these will be the first books in new series.

CONTAMINATION -  I have some ideas kicking around for another Contamination book. You never know when that might happen!

COLLABORATIONS - I also have some plans for more collaborative material TBA.

2017 should be another busy year! As I said, thanks for reading and checking out my stuff. Have an awesome new year!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

THE RUINS BOOK 1 (sequel to THE LAST SURVIVORS series) is out today!

THE RUINS (A Sequel Series to The Last Survivors) is now available on all platforms! You can get it at the links below!

The story is a direct sequel to THE LAST SURVIVORS, following three characters after the battle of Brighton as they head into the wild. I am super excited to spend more time with a few of my favorites, and hope you are, too! 

Thanks so much for reading my work this year! I've had a great time telling stories, and have lots more planned for 2017! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday (for those in the holiday season). Warm wishes to you and your families.

-Tyler Piperbrook
 December 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016


The Last Conquest (The 6th and Final Book in The Last Survivors Series) is now available on AUDIO! Sean Runnette did an amazing job, as he has with the rest of the series. You can get it at the links below:

Work in Progress


71322 / 71322 words. 100% done!


21330 / 70000 words. 30% done!


19514 / 60000 words. 33% done!

The Ruins BOOK 2 (Available Now!)

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