Saturday, March 3, 2018

THE RUINS 4 is now available in Audiobook and Paperback!

The Ruins Book 4 (the final book in the sequel series to THE LAST SURVIVORS) is now available in AUDIO, narrated by Sean Runnette! You can get the AUDIOBOOK at the links below:

For those who want a physical copy, you can get the PAPERBACK HERE!
Friday, January 19, 2018

The Ruins 4 (The Final Book in the series) is out today!

The conclusion to THE RUINS series is live today! You can get Book 4 on now on Amazon, or read FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The audiobook and paperback versions are coming soon!

After a year and a half of writing in the world of THE RUINS (and another few years in THE LAST SURVIVORS), it is a strange feeling to finish writing these books! At the same time, I am excited for everyone to read the conclusion. Book 4 was probably one of the most intense I've worked on. I will miss the world and the characters. Below is the description. Enjoy!

Freedom at what cost?

Trapped in a new horror, the survivors struggle to outlive their prison. Is there life outside, and will any of them live to see it?

Work in Progress


78006 / 78006 words. 100% done!


45000 / 65000 words. 69% done!


19514 / 60000 words. 33% done!

The Ruins BOOK 4 (Available Now!)

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