Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all enjoying time with family and friends.

As 2015 comes to a close, I figured I'd take a few moments to do the obligatory review post. Here are  the projects I released during the year, as well as some plans for 2016. If you're interested, read on!


2015 was a hectic year, and I expect 2016 will be no different! Here are the things I put out this year, by month:

January - Ultimate Undead Boxed Set released (includes The Last Survivors)

March - Contamination 6: Sanctuary out on audiobook.

April - Writing. No new releases.

August - The Last Escape on audiobook. ALSO Short story "Footsteps" in Bite-Sized Offerings Anthology.

September - Writing. No new releases.

November - Writing. No new releases.

December - Writing. No new releases.


Because I didn't have any new releases in November/December, you can expect a few in quick succession as we head into January. OUTAGE 5: THE CHANGE and THE LAST COMMAND (The Last Survivors Book 4) are nearly completed and will be released later this month. 

The Last Survivors - Our plans are to finish the series in the first half of 2016. The series will conclude at 6 books. THE LAST COMMAND will be released in January, followed by THE LAST REFUGE close behind it, and the final and 6th book afterward. Our goal is to finish the series in the first half of 2016. Hopefully this will make readers happy and will eliminate the wait in between books.  :)  

Following The Last Survivors, I will most likely be doing a new 3-book trilogy in THE LAST SURVIVORS world following one or more of the characters. I won't spoil anything by saying who, but I'm excited by the possibilities.

ALIVE AGAIN - I still plan on wrapping up the full novel for this short story that originally appeared in THE GATHERING HORDE anthology. I am about 20,000 words in and will be working on it between my other projects.

CONTAMINATION 7: RESISTANCE - I plan on continuing this book soon, in between working on my other projects. Although I am happy with the way the series ended, I've always wanted to finish the story of Sandy & Reginald.

OUTAGE: CONTROL (A Short Story in the OUTAGE World) - Although the OUTAGE series will conclude with Book 5 (at least for now) the idea recently hit me for a short story. So I figured, why not? My plans are to release this free in some form or another, and then maybe release it paid later. 

OTHER PROJECTS: I have several other "trunked" projects that I've started work on. It's possible the inspiration will hit to finish one of these up in 2016. Who knows? There are also plans for some more collaborative material with Bobby Adair. 

That's it for now! I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. Talk soon,