This week I started work on Contamination 4: Escape.  I'm hoping for an October release.

While the main story arc may have concluded with the release of Contamination 3: Wasteland, I've had several people inquire as to what happened to the remainder of the characters.  I've often wondered that myself, and so I decided I should write the next book and find out!

Contamination 4: Escape will pick up the story of Dan and Quinn.  When we last left them, they were holed up in the salvage yard in St. Matthews.  This is the story of their escape from the hometown that has fallen to pieces around them, as well as their journey to...well, I'll leave that for the story!

I'm about 5,000 words in so far, and I'm excited about how things are coming.  As always, it has been great returning to the characters, especially since Dan and Quinn have been MIA since Book 2.

I'll provide updates on the release as I go, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported me in this endeavor.  I appreciate it more than you can know!