Contamination 4: Escape is coming along well and I should have the rough draft done shortly.  After that it's off to the editors and then release!

So far this book is turning out to be longer than Contamination 3, and will probably clock in at about 220 pages or so.  I'm excited at how everything is turning out and hope that people will enjoy it.  Although similar in scope to the previous books, this one introduces new characters and themes, as well as chronicling the journey of Dan and Quinn Lowery.

Once again Keri Knutson did a great job on the cover.  Below is a preview of the artwork.  

In other news, I'll be releasing a boxed set this week for Books 0-3.  This includes full versions of the prequel and the first three books, and will also include a preview of Contamination 4.  Look out for it soon!

Happy Halloween!