Thursday, June 20, 2019

DUSTBORN (Sandstorm Book 3) is out today!

DUSTBORN is here! Book 3 of the Sandstorm series is now available in e-book on AMAZON US, UK, CA, and AU, and also in PAPERBACK!

I'm excited for everyone to check out this latest installment in the series! I've had a great time exploring this harsh, post-apocalyptic planet and its inhabitants, and I hope you have, too. Book 4 should be out later this year.

Thanks as always for the support! It means the world!

-Tyler Piperbrook
Saturday, June 15, 2019

Interview on the Books Cubed Podcast!

I recently did an interview on the Books Cubed Podcast! You can check it out here to hear a reading from SANDSTORM, some talk about the upcoming release of Book 3 in the series, and a discussion of early inspirations. Thanks a lot to Melissa Banczak for having me on!
Monday, June 10, 2019

DUSTBORN (Sandstorm Book 3) now up for preorder!

Hey everyone!
I'm excited to announce that DUSTBORN (Sandstorm 3) is now up for preorder! The book comes out June 19th! The special preorder price of $2.99 will only last for a few days after launch.

Below is the blurb:

Danger comes in many forms...

Tired, dirty, and sick, the Red Rock survivors eke out an existence on The Watchers' cliffs, hoping to avoid the monster. But life up high is just as bad as life on the ground.

Water is scarce, and no meal is guaranteed.

And deep inside the tunnels, a new threat is building, something that might consume them all..

I had a blast writing this book, and hope you enjoy it! You can preorder it now on Amazon at these links: US, UK, CA, AU! Get it now before the price goes up to $3.99!

Happy Reading!

Tyler Piperbrook

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