Hey Everybody!
Just a quick line to let you know that I've put the entire CONTAMINATION series (Books 0-7) into a single boxed set (and with a new cover, too)!

For those who have missed a few books, or are new to the series, you can now binge the whole thing for $0.99! The set is also FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Here are the links: US, UK, CA, AU

The series is a bit older now, so I figured it was a good chance to give new readers a chance to check it out.

Some people have asked whether there will be additional books in the series.

It's possible.

If you want more CONTAMINATION, and have already read and enjoyed the series, let me know by leaving a review on the Boxed Set! If enough people call for it, I might write another book (I have plenty of ideas!)

Thanks as always for checking out my stuff, and happy reading!

-Tyler Piperbrook